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  • 2 days ago
  • Lawyers
  • Glendale, California
  • Legal Representation
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this clinic only keels you ! can you imagine when you get a speeding ticket 80 mph, around 6 pm in Glendale on 134 fw? during traffic time! yes it's a scam , my original ticket was 267 + going to traffic school. now i paid $199 for this "clinic" and $331 for the court cost + traffic school, honest to God i Sworn ! i couldn't go more then 55 mph , just my time is more expensive to pass in court... Read more

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I had 2 tickets two weeks in a row in different counties. They assured me that it's very rare that I would have to pay the ticket (court cost), and since I had 2 the man who took my money reassured me that there was no way I'd have to pay both. Well I have to now pay both and I'm 200 behind because they did 0 for me. Add comment

Ticket clinic is as worthless as you can get. I ended up paying more than the original fine plus traffic school. I could of done better myself....THEY ARE WORTHLESS !!! Add comment

  • Nov 17
  • Lawyers
  • Riverside, California
  • The Ticket Clinic Traffic Ticket Attorney
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  • 45

The Ticket Clinic did NOT get my Ticket Dismissed and seemed to careless about it because they don't guarantee results but are quick to get your Money! stay away from this Service! Read more

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  • Oct 26
  • Lawyers
  • Boca Raton, Florida
  • The Ticket Clinic Speeding Tickets
  • 493

A complete sham. No lawyer contact. Trusted them to go to court on my behalf and dismiss me of a ticket from a poorly marked sign going over a bridge. 12 mph over the speed limit with a clean driving history. Not only did I have to pay a fee to The Ticket Clinic, they were pleased to tell me I have to pay 256 dollars in court costs and take a 4 hr driving course. I could have taken the course and... Read more

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Had a crossing double yellow line in fontana and did not get it dismissed. I told them i was a commercial driver didnt even fight the point. I had informed them i would pay the ticket just fight for the point on my record. 90% *** if you ask me. So i paid 476 for court fees and 300 for the ticket clinic. Thanks alot Add comment

  • Oct 05
  • Lawyers
  • Chatsworth, California
  • Ticket
  • 682

I hired Ticket Clinic for a non-radar, officer in training bogus speeding ticket that was ripe for dismissal. This rookie CHP officer had me and my entire family out of the vehicle on an alleged speeding ticket. He even told me that he didn't use radar, but was "trailing" me?? How can that be? What about the cars in front of me? How far did he trail me? None of these facts were brought out... Read more

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Dont use ticket clinic save ur self the money and go to court . now i have to pay the ticket wich is 545,00 plus traffic school aside of what i paid them wich was 190.00 big waste of time and money Add comment

Don't do it just pay your ticket it doesn't work now I have to pay Doble there's no communication it's been almost a year and I just got a letter from the court saying that I owe money I won't do it again Add comment

They did not get my ticket dismissed and I feel if I would have just paid the ticket it would have been about have of what I have to pay now- Add comment

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