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This company took my money, went to court, did nothing but have me pay the fine plus their costs. It is fraud, they get nothing dismissed. It is outrageous, instead of a $ticket, I'm paying $800 with costs. Unbelievable and it as for a picture ticket in LA, unlawful, and all which have been removed but this one, what a joke. Add comment

WASTE OF MONEY! I hired this company for my first ever ticket, I still had to pay a $220 court fine as well as attend a driving class AND pay this company $110 (it wasn't $49). The only thing they managed to do was get my points dropped, which is the only thing that ensures they don't have to refund my money. After paying close to $400 for this ticket, I would have been better off just taking the... Read more

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The ticket clinic a complete joke.. Add comment

""People please """do not waste your money in ticket clinic they just steal your money and you will ended up paying more for your ticket plus for traffic school if you don't want a point in your license ..I strongly NOT recommend this company. Add comment

Nothing has changed, we still paid out almost $1,000 not including time off from work, for a ticket that should never have happened in the first place. The ticket clinic did nothing to represent us, the judge could have really cared less, and the lawyer from The Ticket Clinic was a dumb *** and had no clue, nor cared about trucking laws. My or our opinion will never change. Even if they gave... Read more

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I had 4 minor tickets that all ranged about 150$ the ticket clinic got all of them dismissed w/ no points for 400$ then I got random mail one day saying I owe 200$ in court fees, the clinic will work just don't ever think ur done paying Add comment

I have been very lucky. I say this because I know that it is a crapshoot using these guys. If I win, I get handsomely rewarded with a ticket dismissal. If I lose, I'm out 200 bucks. The risk is absolutely worth the reward. Add comment

If I gave you a choice between paying $350 and paying $200 what would you choose? The good news is that it can be that simple, the bad news is that it is not always going to be the case. I have used ticket clinic twice. One time they were able to get my ticket dismissed. The other time they were not. For me it was absolutely worth trying them even when the first ticket did not get dismissed. ... Read more

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It is unfortunate to see that there are so many bad reviews on this site. I have used them 3 times and they have been successful at getting my tickets dismissed. Please note that they do not win all of the time. I know this because they tell me this every time that I have used them. They say that their success rate is about 80%. What you are really doing when you pay for their services is... Read more

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Pinches rateros valen *** no sirven paranada tenia que pagar 480 y a hora voy a tener que pagar 600 mas los 200 que les di is a faken fraud Add comment

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