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I made the mistake of calling this people and pay them $250.00 for poor results, do no call this people please don't make the same mistake that I made. Add comment

DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT WASTE YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY ON THE TICKET CLINIC! They do not represent their clients at all! My lawyer Nicholas is the worst ever! Instead of helping me find ways to win my case, he was laughing with the office/state's attorney, and encourage me to take a plea deal. It seemed like he was working for them more than working for me. All lawyers/Cops in the state of IL are crooked liars trying to take OUR money to build... Read more

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Excellent... Fast and professional thnk's Add comment

I recently received a ticket for area school . I paid The Ticket Clinic of Florida almost $90. A little over a month later, I receive a letter from The Ticket Clinic stating that "the court withheld adjudication. No points were assessed and no conviction will appear on your record". But that "the court has ordered you to pay court costs in the amount of $427.00". So basically I would have been better off paying the ticket anyway and attending an... Read more

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Listen people it better to just get help with the public deffender these dude are not even good attonrney tgey send rookies Plus they take over 3 week when they promise 72 hours on dmz reports and when you call or show up to the florence huntington park office they treat you like if your not important Add comment

I had to move on an emergency and asked lawyer if he would go in front of the judge for me ( which I was told he could do) to see if i do community service in city i'm in. He said it can't be done without trying, when I explained that I knew someone whom this worked out for. Ben, made jokes, and said "show me this persone court papers" I was pissed, I told him that's not even funny, who do you know that carries around other people's paper work,... Read more

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Worst ever...I have used other ticket services..they work...this place is robbery...dont waste your money...they are ture liers. ... Add comment

I had a $166 ticket for turning right on red where it wasn't allowed. Paid $200 and hired the ticket clinic and they assured me about their money back guarantee... My $166 ticket turned into $270 court fees. I could have gotten a better result going to court and asking for a light penalty myself, due to my work schedule, I hired them hoping to get the ticket dismissed as they advertise. I don't believe the attorney did anything more than show up... Read more

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Biggest waste of 89.00, I was never informed I owe a fine and court costs too. My license would have been suspended. Never again. Should of just done it myself...... Very unprofessional. It appears they just want your money. It is like any other *** job. I happen to be at the Palm Beach County Clerks on another matter and found out about the fines and court costs. I would think some communication would be standard procedure, I was wrong. If you... Read more

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After more than three months of waiting, I ended up having to pay the original fee, plus the $200 they charge for going to court on my behalf. They never communicated with me, I had to call them to find out what was going on. Add comment

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