Miami, Florida
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I paid the ticket clinic 175$ back in August for a ticket received in late July. I received a letter from them stating the ticket was dropped and no points on my license.

I just received a letter from the clerk of court in the county of my ticket that I have an unpaid ticket and my license will be suspended if not paid before 3/24. When I called the clerk of courts they told me the ticket was never dropped. I'm so angry. They are crooks.

Don't ever use them. Just pay your ticket and do online school to have points removed.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

The Ticket Clinic Cons: Did not get my ticket dismissed, Poor results.

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Yes they are complete thieves . They stole money from a 95 year old man.

They did absolutely nothing but charged $195 dollars and the old man still got his $589 fine plus paid ticket clinic and has to go to traffic school.

The 95 year old man is dissabled and he still had to go to court after. Full of *** false advertisement and efen rude after they take your money



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