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I paid "the ticket clinic" $100 to take care of a speeding ticket. I expected at least no traffic school.

Well after it was all said and done I got ordered to go to traffic school and pay the ticket fee of $249. The ticket was originally $249 so the ticket clinic did absolutely nothing for me and I had to pay them $100 for it. What a scam!!! To top it off they said in a letter "congrats, you have avoided points", yeah if I go to traffic school!

Please don't use them, your better off paying the tickets and doing school online. I'm so pissed!!


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I agree, Ticket clinic charged me 349 for a red light ticket (no camera) but small town cop. The end result was paying the $505 fine and traffic school..they showcase people with extreme tickets that get dismissed I thought a red light ticket without a camera would get some results..they sell snake oil, i recomend going in, my girl friend got a failure to stop at a stop sign ticket around the same time, she just went in herself got the ticket reduced and traffic school.

AND?? No big waste of money fee to these guys


They represented me in winning my red light traffic ticket. I was clearly in the wrong and their amazing lawyers found a way to get me out of it!

I had to pay court fees, but it was alot less then what i would have to pay if i did it by myself!

for the bad reviews, i've read through ALL of them and i think you guys should understand that no matter what, you'll have to pay some fees, until your case gets completely dismissed, which the clinic has a good reputation of doing! my uncle is a lawyer and he recommended this place to me because its easy and very cost effective for what i needed to do and how much i could pay, the no points on license should be worth it because your insurance goes up!

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