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I was stopped by a swarming Collier County Sheriff shortly after leaving The Blue Martini Bar in Naples Florida at 1:30 am while vacationing from Michigan (BS). I was handcuffed after I was told I failed field sobriety tests (more BS), taken to the station, given a breath test (blew .08), held in a cell with 2 others from the same bar (more BS) and then given my first DUI ever at age 59 (total BS).

I hired The Ticket Clinic to defend me, based on very forthright statements made to me and positive case results posted on their website. I figured only blowing .08 that they probably could get my case reduced to some lesser charge as they claimed.

Boy was I mistaken. Pretty much I paid $2500 for an attorney to view my field test video to tell me he's seen worse but he's also seen better and that we didn't have a strong enough case to fight it and to file the paperwork to get me through the system.

Really? I was right at the lower limit. No contesting the subjective nature of field tests? No contesting the calibration of the equipment? (I had to suggest that) No rising blood alcohol defense? (I found online but too late) Just get me sentenced with minimal time involved so you could pocket more of my money?

I would never recommend The Ticket Clinic to anyone. It was a big mistake for me to hire them. Do your research and hire a reputable that will actually defend you.

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They represented me in winning my red light traffic ticket. I was clearly in the wrong and their amazing lawyers found a way to get me out of it!

I had to pay court fees, but it was alot less then what i would have to pay if i did it by myself!

for the bad reviews, i've read through ALL of them and i think you guys should understand that no matter what, you'll have to pay some fees, until your case gets completely dismissed, which the clinic has a good reputation of doing! my uncle is a lawyer and he recommended this place to me because its easy and very cost effective for what i needed to do and how much i could pay

to catherine Los Angeles, California, United States #786844

IT'S truly obvious and quite disgusting that you Catherine are from the offices of the Ticket Clinic or why would you post on every bad review as if to undermine their experiences?


You were drinking and driving you ***. You should of been thrown in prison!!


No drinking and driving f**ktard.

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