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I got a speeding ticket for $210 over memorial day weekend for 12 over. The police had pulled over every single car on the highway and cited us all.

Aside from that I was in the flow of traffic and was being passed on both sides (I was actually the slowest on the road, maybe 5 over tops. I knew I was being cited for faster than I was actually going). As if that wasn't enough, during the stop I told the officer that and he said I could contest it in court. Later, he came back with the citation and apologized to me saying I may be right and should take it to court as his radar was malfunctioning.

SLAM DUNK CASE. So I hired the ticket clinic to handle it since it was such a slam dunk case and since I was visiting, it was inconvenient for me to travel 6 hours cross state just to go to court when their lawyer could show up for me. The lawyer showed up and pleaded me out with a No-Contest plea. I ended up having to pay $300 in fines/court costs plus the $99 I paid them.

He didn't even try to fight it for me.

The officer who messed up on the radar gun didn't even show up (I reviewed the case minutes in the court system). I made it clear when I called and hired them that I did NOT want to plead No-Contest only Not Guilty because I was not guilty, but they ignored my request so I had to pay DOUBLE what the original ticket was when it was a slam dunk not guilty case!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: The Ticket Clinic Traffic Ticket Attorney.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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