Beware of their claims! They claim that 80% +/- of the time, they can lower the fine, reduce to a non-moving violation.

I paid $250.00 for a rolling through stop light (1 mph). The fine was $496.00 plus $34.00 filing fee. Then I could go to traffic school so add the cost of the school (cost unknown). I got the notice today that they got the ticket reduced to a non-moving violation - no points.

Not worth the $250.00 I paid. I could have paid the fine, filing fee and traffic school fees and gone to school for less $$ and get the same results. Bottom line I could have spent $600 and instead of the $746.

I paid for the same end result. I WILL NOT USE THEM AGAIN - BEWARE 03/04/2011

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Irvine, California, United States #583040

these guys are so full of it, they told me they would lower mine too and mine was $533 originally and now im still stuck with the $533 plus the $199 that i just paid these clowns to do nothing, so don't ever use them at all, they are very rude too, and they are morons too, never again using them, i used the santa ana office, screw these guys


they suck................


I agree they suck

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