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I had a over size ticket I ended paying the penaltys plus attorney fees they didn't help me at all I don't recommend them

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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I hired Ticket Clinic attorneys on two of my traffic tickets and I ended up loosing both cases. Had I not rendered the services of Ticket clinic, I would had a much better chance of winning both tickets.

By biggest upset is not losing them but the way I lost them. On one ticket Ticket Clinic attorney who is such a *** appeared the court on behalf of me and requested a trial date. This *** goes to the trial and when he see the officer he settled for a no-contest verdict. Can you believe you hire an attorney to appear on the court on your behalf and settle for a no-contest and deliberately make you guilty and pay for the ticket and suffer other consequences?

What's more funny is when I asked Mr. Jack Ter-Saakian, my attorney he said that he thought I was gonna be there at the court. When I told him his office personnel didn't want me to be there as my attorney would be there for me, he said that's ludicrous. He said his understanding of hiring Ticket Clinic was ONLY to plea guilty or not guilty on my behalf, nothing else.

Anyway, because of Ticket Clinic literally screwed he agreed to refund half of my attorney fees or ask judge for a motion for a retrial.

It's been months he's not answering my calls, respond to my messages and totally ignoring me. Those of you seeking to hire Ticket Clinic, Good Luck!.

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