After seeing the commercial on TV, I contacted The Ticket Clinic to represent me with a traffic violation.They sent a Lawyer to the court, weeks later, I received a form letter stating that I was found guilty and needed to send payment to the court.

The fine was higher than the original fee on the ticket, plus traffic school and the $200 I paid for their service. The TICKET CLINIC stole my money. Save your money and represent yourself. The Ticket Clinic came to Calif from Florida.


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TICKET CLINIC is an absolute scam.They can't do anything that a person who has got the violation can't do for themselves.

As a matter of fact, after hiring TICKET CLINIC I got to pay a higher fine for traffic light violation with traffic school not including the money I paid to ticket clinic {total = $743}.Sincerely speaking, if anyone who is more comfortable seeking legal representation in a traffic violation case, it is best not to seek such representation through TICKET CLINIC.

and any of it's affiliates.That's as candid as it gets.


Same thing here!Told me they needed $400 to start my case and that price would not change!

Paid, then was told, "oh hey, we need another $200 to start your case and it's not guaranteed"

They're a scam!Don't give them any money!

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States #1199545

Same thing happened to my girlfriend ...after paying ticke clinic thay suspended her license and the fin is high .....

ticket clinic is a scam ....pay what you owe before the court and the ticket clinic *** you over ... thay all are about money no matter what ...

we are living in a communist country ....people really have no rights ......wake up ....

Sacramento, California, United States #1180400

I like to say the Ticket clinic is one big scam I should have paid attention to the early signs when they weren't concern about my side of the story just a citation number and the nature of the Ticket which was speeding.when I told them I was never shown my speed on the officer radar they told it didn't matter they were going to use proof of proper timely calibrations of the radar gun and assured me that my chances were very good and in addition if need be get my fine reduced and possible traffic school if need be.Come to find out when following up on my case I was told they were sorry we lost the case and that I had to pay the full fine amount with no chance of traffic school so I thought wow im out 299.00 for there services a fine of 530.00 to the courts need I say more you do the math and tell me if I would have been better of defending myself so if you dont have 299.00 to *** off I would say don't even think about it I suggest using the law that says if they don't win your case you get your money back.


You are an *** hiring people from other states.You should have researched a branch in your state.

You are pretty much asking for it when you dont research.

I hired them and the process was easy.Sorry to hear your story but my experience with them was a pleasant one.


The same happened to me.I got a ticket for an accident and I had to pay the ticket + school if wanted to do not add points to my license.

The total was for ticket plus school was $175; but I decided to contracted Ticket Clinic to save time and leave a clean file. Unfortunately, I had to pay $202 as court fees on the top of $225 already paid to ticket clinic. That adds a total of $447 plus school as out of pocket to me instead of the initial $175, meaning $297 EXTRA.

I should have thought, why they are on tv all the time?

and notice that hey are doing a lot of money with the people's bad luck and ingenuity.

I regret to have contracted them.

to ANTI TICKET CLINIC Irvine, California, United States #1243461

The ticket clinic ripped me off!I paid them $250 to represent me on a red light ticket which I told them Iwas taken pictures at the red light camera and they said tht was not a problem!

my original ticket was $450 and I paid the ticket Clinic $250 Brandon K said I would save money since the court would dismiss my ticket and i havent had any traffic violations in over 10yrs!! This was back in July and I just got a letter from them stating "congratulations we were able to drop your fees write your check to the court in the amount of $550"" What the *** is this ***?! Congratulations for making me pay more than the original amount in addition to the $250 I paid to have them represent me? These people call themselves attorneys and they're a scam!!

This $450 ticket will end up costing you double!!! They're disgusting human beings ripping people off and not helping anybody! Brandon K is a supervisor there!He is a liar!!!

stay away from these people and save your money, pay your dues to the court directly!


Complete morons!!, I contacted them via email with a brief description, IN THE VERY FIRST SENTANCE, I stated that "I WAS PARKED.." They asked me to fax a copy of the ticket, there was a little back and forth, I contacted them on a Monday, wasn't til Friday (after asking when I can expect a response) that they said " sorry, we only do moving violations". Absolutely pathetic, they now know my address, my drivers license number my license plate, the type of car I drive, phone number and email address. Completely lame

to Butthead San Fernando, California, United States #972645

I contacted them and they do not even sound professional. It sounds as though they are working from their homes. I am glad I consulted this web page prior to dealing with them.


Report them to the BBB if possible. I've done this for other scam companies and they refunded what I paid.

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