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I got a ticket in collier county for speeding at 94mph and i was doing 79.. My "REAL" lawyer said tough to beat collier conty so i hire the ticket clinic for half the price.

They said they had a good relalationship with collier county. Not only did i pay the full ticket price i also had driving school. Almost $600 to fibd out during school the ticket belonged to different make model and year than my car. It wasnt my ticket..

As i knew. So i called them back and was told its not thier responsability to look at the ticket! Are you kidding me, why did i hire you. And if i wanted to fight it i was risking all these additional costs.

So here i am out $600 that would have cost me $200 if i would have hired my real lawyer who would have looked at the ticket. Ticket clinic is a joke, dont waste your money

Product or Service Mentioned: The Ticket Clinic Traffic Ticket Attorney.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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How are they supposed to know it wasn't your car? They don't ask the make and model of your car when hiring. Not to mention you are read a disclaimer and usually have to sign a contract which explains you may have school and/or additional costs.


Thank you for getting the message out there. I just got a ticket today and am just going to represent myself and not let these *** take my money.

They said they have a 98% success rate but I'm not buying it! I am kind of still panicking right now though.

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