New Lenox, Illinois
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DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT WASTE YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY ON THE TICKET CLINIC! They do not represent their clients at all!

My lawyer Nicholas is the worst ever! Instead of helping me find ways to win my case, he was laughing with the office/state's attorney, and encourage me to take a plea deal. It seemed like he was working for them more than working for me. All lawyers/Cops in the state of IL are crooked liars trying to take OUR money to build their new Will County Courthouse building.

I even had proof as to why I couldn't speed past 30 miles (faulty brakes and there was a car in front of me). My lawyer said I could get convicted for going half a mile over the speed limit and my ticket would go up an extra $140. Even if the officer lied and said I was going 46, he could still turn around and say I was going 30.5 or 31 miles in a 30. How is that even legal?

On top of that, the officer put on my ticket that I am a male that weighs 145 lbs with Blonde hair and Hazel eyes, driving a Gold car. My car is grey, I'm a female that weighs 120 lbs, with dark brown eyes/hair. Never in my life have I ever worn contacts or blonde hair. But my lawyer said I couldn't use that in court because the officer spelled my name, address, & license plate correctly.

He wouldn't even bother to point out that error in court. All he kept doing was persuading me not to go to trial and take the plea. These people are crooks! DO NOT WASTE MONEY ON THE TICKET CLINIC!

They are crooks as well as WILL COUNTY! I wish I never wasted $150 on the service I received. I just pray you don't do the same.

The Ticket Clinic are liars and they don't help anyone. Instead they joke around with the State's attorney and Sheriffs on how petty it is to go to trial over a speeding ticket.

Product or Service Mentioned: The Ticket Clinic Traffic Ticket Attorney.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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