Palm Bay, Florida

WASTE OF MONEY! I hired this company for my first ever ticket, I still had to pay a $220 court fine as well as attend a driving class AND pay this company $110 (it wasn't $49).

The only thing they managed to do was get my points dropped, which is the only thing that ensures they don't have to refund my money.

After paying close to $400 for this ticket, I would have been better off just taking the insurance rate increase because it would have been the same. DO NOT HIRE THIS COMPANY!

Product or Service Mentioned: The Ticket Clinic Traffic Ticket Attorney.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Waa freaking waa. They went to court for you and it only cost you $110.00. Stop your crying they did not guarantee to get your case dismissed they promised you service which you got.


Last week while driving on US Route 69 of Clay County in Kansas city I was stopped by a cop for driving my vehicle at 55 mph on the 45 mph speed lane. I tried to convince the cop that there is no speed limit marked and on what basis he is issuing me a ticket?

He replied nothing. I discussed the matter with my acquaintance and he referred me to

Does anyone of you has any knowledge about them? Advise me at the earliest.

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