I paid $200.00 and not only did they lose the case, the ticket price wasn't reduced, point were still added to my insurance and I still had to pay over $200.00 for traffic school. they misrepresented who they were and what they could do for you...whats even worse is that the ticket went to warrant through their neglect.

SAVE YOUR $ OR FIGHT IT YOURSELF. All this plus they are rude. They call themselves a Law Firm. They give themselves too much credit.

I will never use them again and advise you do the same. Don't waste your hard earn money

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Ticket Clinic representation is ***. I used a Kissimmee lawyer from the ticket clinic to handle my first ticket ever for a illegal U-turn.

Ticket that was $164.00 was now $211.00 plus the $120.00 for the clinic and still points add. This *** sucks, don't waste you money.


I paid them 110$ they showed up got my court date pushed back a month, i just got word from them that there will be no points on my license, but i still have to take a defensive driving class, and still have to pay the court fees of 241$ or full ticket price...thanks for nothing ticket clinic next time you wanna be scammed out of a hundred bucks give them a call


on this problem I like to know

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