Watonga, Oklahoma

The ticket clinic is a joke. Got speeding ticket with a fine of $131 (trooper reduced speed) Hired ticket clinic, ended up paying the full fine of $281 plus court cost...

oh yeah, and paying them there $89 do nothing fee. so $131 ticket turned into $400. I should have just paid the ticket and took a 4 hr course online and I would have saved over $200. You have a better chance of defending yourself then using a d rated law firm.

Their claims of helping over 1 miliion cases resolved is laughable. Would never recommend anyone using this legalized form of a scandal.

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Im in CA too, yes class action lawsuit should be filed. Any lawyers want to take a stab at that??

They do nothing for you, they go to court, say g "no contest" and sign you up for traffic school after they were specifically told NOT to elect traffic school and to enter a NOT guilty plea. They are *** retards that cannot retain a GOOD job and instead rip off people!!!


do anybodys ever file lawsuit against ticket clinic?please let me know because i want to do that ..let me know what happen..if you guy want to file together with me..im from ca

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