Lithia, Florida
Not resolved

Paid Ticket Clinic $95 to represent me for a speeding violation. I have (had) a perfect driving record.

The attorney went in and pled no contest and let me get hit with the same amount of court fees as the ticket. They say the points were withheld. I could have done that myself. The attorney never contacted me to discuss my case.

I would have liked to have known that he was planning on going in to court and doing absolutely nothing. Attorney Robert C. Azcano is worthless.

If he is assigned as your attorney, you would do well to find another attorney who has your best interests in mind. I am planning to file a complaint with the Florida BAR association for incompetent representation.

Product or Service Mentioned: The Ticket Clinic Traffic Ticket Attorney.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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What ended up happening ?


Same thing as me! I'm making a complaint and I was told that if I didn't get the ticket dismissed that the retainer fee would go towards the cost of the ticket! This is a ripoff!


Ughh! So I'm not alone.

I just received a letter from them Saturday and I had the same end result. The court fee was the same as the freaking ticket !

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