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In the last week my wife paid a fee to TTC towards assistance with a petty ticket for "tag expired less than 6mos" but we hired and paid TTC extraaaa because we live nowhere near Sumter Co. FL, and it was a ticket on a Temp tag just being a day behind (on a NEW car!) because the dealer wasn't open.

Anyway in short these folks apparently went to court on her behalf paid a $23 fee and and she still cannot renew her registration, She now has her license suspended because of it. She can’t update our new address with the DMV and get her a new license and renew her registration. She still has to pay the ticket itself which was not resolved, there is a D6 now and she has to take a day off of work because Sumter County does not take payments by phone, nor do they have the feature to go online and make a payment. She has to be driven all the way up to this broke *** small town County to handle this HERSELF, in the end what did TTC do for her?

They paid a $23 fee after we paid them $160 and she still has to travel up there and pay the ticket and clear everything herself.

I DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT hire TTC!!!! Worst experience on such a petty scenario!

Product or Service Mentioned: The Ticket Clinic Traffic Ticket Attorney.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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