602 S Dale Mabry Hwy, Tampa, FL 33609, USA
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If you are unhappy with the ticket clinic file a complaint with the Florida Bar. I have just done this.

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Ticketclinic in Santa Ana, Ca charged me $240 for a $490 speeding ticket. I told them I dint want traffic school and what happens I get to pay an extra $54 for traffic school plus internet cost of school.

So $490 turned into a $784 plus. No lowering of fees, im sure if I had gone to court I would have gotten it reduced. Waist of money. And the paralegal who spoke to me about this matter was rude.

No help whatsoever and definitely no communication like all others are saying. Scam

John S

I'm doing the exact same thing! Because they refused to cite video evidence illustrating my innocence.

I have forward and rear facing dash cam with audio and MPH logged on SD card.

This in itself shows I wasn't going 89 MPH and it also shows other motorists flying by me on the interstate. All of my efforts were met with silence or the one time I was told the attorney will not need it because he will get a dismissal anyways!

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